OSG, Advanced Engineering UK

Forgive me for tooting our own horn here, but this stand just screams Japanese high quality technology, doesn’t it? It looks super clean and fresh and – to be honest – we think it’s a hugely successful example of using precision accuracy to tell a story about the quality of a tech company’s products (in this case OSG). The angles and the lighting play an important role in this design and prove that a picture is worth a thousand words – you simply don’t want or need to overcrowd your booth with too many words and graphics when you have a look this strong. Our design studio really do love designing tech stands, can you tell?

We wanted to find a new contractor because we were looking for a more modern approach. When we looked at the client list we saw Full Circle had the right credentials, and we were pleased to find they listened to the brief and over a period of a few meetings we developed a stand that we felt gave us an extremely professional appearance. The team were really enthusiastic and turned our changes around in just a few days. We wanted our stand to stand-out at the show and we achieved that with Full Circle.

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