6 reasons why cheap exhibition stands are definitely not the best exhibition stands!

You've made the decision to invest in having a stand at an exhibition. You'll be putting your brand in front of a huge number of potential customers, existing customers and key influencers from your industry. This is your chance to impress and to give them the confidence that your organisation is the one they need.

It's your chance to make a great first impression and first impressions are made in just one tenth of a second. The longer the person has to observe the subject the stronger the impression. But in a busy exhibition hall with numerous competitors and all manner of distractions, visitors are apt to make quick decisions as to whether they walk onto your stand or that of someone else. It's a split second decision which means that first impression really does count.

It really isn't the time to look anything other than your best and, in a bright and and vibrant exhibition hall, the cheap option may look just that. Here are 6 reasons why cheap exhibition stands are definitely not the best exhibition stands!

  1. Quality – there are only so many square metres of well designed and built exhibition stand that any budget can buy, and bargains are seldom what they seem. Cheap rarely equates top quality so trying to have the biggest stand for a small budget will rarely deliver a well built stand, and that will show in the design, the materials used and the finish of the final stand. A much better idea is to have a smaller stand where the budget has been invested to make the very best use of the space and the materials used reflect the impression you are trying to convey in that fleeting moment when a visitor sees your exhibition stand for the first time.

  2. Position – an exhibition organiser knows where the most visitors are likely to walk within their show and they price the floorspace accordingly. A good position will command a higher price than one that is less likely to see a lot of traffic. The rule of 'no such thing as a bargain' should apply, having a great stand in a poor location within a hall will not deliver the success you are hoping for, much better to balance stand budget and great position on the show floorplan.

  3. Shell or custom build stand – a very pertinent question and one to which there is no right answer. A well dressed shell scheme can look a lot more professional than a poorly executed custom built stand. But a poorly executed shell scheme, crammed with pop ups and roller banners can look like an afterthought, especially when there are so many more creative things that can be done with graphics, fabric and furniture. There are many ways to make budgets work, if you are attending more than one show then perhaps a custom modular stand may be right – check out our blog on custom modular stands

  4. Materials – there are some amazing materials that can be used to make an exhibition stand look amazing, many of them are not expensive but they will require some time to research and time to design and build into an effective stand. Cheap materials often lack the durability needed in the hectic environment of an exhibition hall, they also need to be able to survive the build up and break down process as well as transport to the venue. And, if they are to have a life after the show then they need to be made of a material that will last.

  5. Delivery - to make all of this happen requires knowledgeable and experienced personnel, but knowledge and skill are not cheap commodities, however, they do provide an excellent investment in making the finished product look and perform as expected. Knowledge of traffic flow around the stand, what encourages people step onto a stand and what will deter them. All of this comes at a price, a price that is really an investment and that is an investment in making your stand work.

  6. Staffing – an effective stand requires effective people to make it work. Enthusiastic and engaging stand staff are very effective at engaging visitors. Having a mix of sales, customer service and technical staff will help you to engage on the widest level possible, able to answer almost any question asked of them. How much more effective will they be if they are working on a stand of which they can be very proud and that gives them a hugedegree of confidence when in an exhibition hall with their peers and competitors.

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