Introducing: Mood Maker

There are numerous aspects that construct the perfect Visual Merchandising display, but none more universally important, than lighting.

It is a well-known fact that the way you set the mood for a space, is by the way you light it.

Creating the right ambience in your space is essential when exhibiting, to ensure that you draw the attention of your visitors, to accurately depict the story or your brand, or product.

As an experienced, and well-established Events Contractor, we understand the difficulty of obtaining the perfect lighting display, within an exhibition environment. Our brand-new system, Mood Maker, allows for full and complete control of your lighting display, by containing the shell of an exhibit, with a piece of muslin fabric.

Tell your Product’s Story

In a busy event environment which is clouded by venue lighting, the shell of a stand enables you to create a showroom atmosphere, in a small and more personal, confined space.

This greater degree of control allows you to ensure that the noise created by the exhibition lighting does not impact on your stand, whilst enabling you to target the lighting display at specific aspects of your feature, meaning your designs can shine in the eyes of the visitor.

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